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As an avid sporty person, I've always had a competitive spirit and an appetite towards most sports and a general admiration for the dedication required to fine hone your talent. This admiration turned into fascination and in the early naughties, I began to retrain in Physiotherapy, specifically to increase mobility, improve the quality of working life and reduce the painkiller/opioid, as we're all living longer.

Moreover, we try to resolve the issue quickly and be blunt and truthful when the advise is not followed. Specialising in many areas including lower back pain, sciatica as well as neck and shoulder issues.

So if you believe in ditching painkillers, getting your plan on track, advice and tips after each session, avoid re-injury and strengthen weak areas.


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The majority of clients are wanting to improve and take ownership of the area of their concern. So whether it is improving strength and/or power, reducing pain, increasing mobility, every person is a client centred and a rehabilitation program is agreed upon and flexible to adapt with results.

Former Engineer to Well-being practitioner has spent over 18 years in holistic sport's therapy around Newcastle helping people recover from a variety of aches, pains and injuries. From a solid foundation of Sports Injury, steady progress was made to continually learn about the Bowen Technique, Physiotherapy and much more based in the Northeast of England around Co Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. Expertise in back, shoulder and sciatica areas.

All customers receive a full explanation of the related problem with advice and tips provided after each treatment to enable them to take responsibility as part of the recovery.

  • ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia Coaching Accreditation (ILM) - 2018 onwards

  • Physiotherapy - 2011 onward

  • Bowen (advanced) - 2006 onwards

  • Sport's injury massage - 2004 onwards


Stuart Houston


Member No. 86867



Passionate therapist who focuses on the client's requirements and provides advice/tips after each session to avoid re-injury as well as strengthen weak areas. Body MOT's carried out and have a good range of rehab equipment for continual improvement.Physiotherapy local to Durham, Newcastle & Sunderland.            Specialities:

Sciatica, lower back pain and neck/shoulder


Hands on treatment where the Bowen is more succinct and relatively gentle compared to massage, where specific muscles are relaxed & lengthened to optimise performance and reduce pain. Clothes remain on during  treatment and clients experience all sorts of body releases during the session. Excellent for releasing tension/anxiety as well as compartment syndrome


Specialise in ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery by taking all the guesswork out of your return to well-being. This is a team approach that systematically address all 8 key areas to release your symptoms. See more info on and get FREE Booklet and trial.


Recently qualified Iyengar instructor Adam Joseph provides classes for beginners and ensures every individual reaches their full potential. As someone who believes in continual improvement, Adam is frequently attending courses to further improve his techniques to help his clients.

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27 Bellerby Drive, 

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Tel: 07968 748480

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